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Winter           2013


Me all dressed up and sucking big black cock this past fall!

Latest News Page

    It's hard to believe that we haven't updated the website in so long but there have been so many things going on and I want to fill everyone in on what's up.  

  For those of you who have never been here before, I am Kandi (pictured on the left) and my husband is Sinclair.  We make (or used to make) amateur adult videos.  At one time we had over 170 amateur adult / swinger videos that were nationally distributed.  I'm pretty sure that they are no longer available in stores or anywhere else, except here, or on Video On Demand (VOD) through HotMovies or AEBN.  Even they don't have all of our videos.  At this point the only place to get our videos or DVD's is from us.

  It's really kind of funny, the internet helped us build a successful amateur adult video business and the internet eventually killed our business (through free file sharing and other amateur posting websites).  We are not mad about it, after all, things change.  What's really weird is that as more and more amateur adult websites collapse and go away, we have actually experienced an increase in DVD sales.  We don't have a pay site or membership site.  Everything we post here is free with the exception of our DVD's, which are for sale.  We do post samples of our videos on free sites like Xhampster and of course here.

  With all of that said, I'm sorry to say that we are not making or releasing any new DVD's.  That does not mean that we are not still swinging and shooting videos / photos, we just are not selling the stuff we are currently doing.  If there is enough interest we might eventually make our new stuff available to the public, however you can see all of our older DVD's here.


  So what else is going on with us?  Well unfortunately the amateur adult video business no longer supports us so I am now working at a home remodeling company and Sinclair is working overnight security at a French Quarter hotel.  I have been dieting and have lost about 45 pounds!  We do still swing but we don't really host the big parties like we used to.  Sinclair pretty much only shares me with black guys now.  Though I like all sorts of cocks I really enjoy being Sinclair's white slut wife for black cocks only!  I've been fucked by so many black cocks recently that I can't even keep them apart any longer!  Sinclair made a BBC (Big Black Cock) page for me and advertises me to potential new guys!  If you are black and in the New Orleans area you can visit my BBC page at www.kandipeach.com/bbc and let me know if you would like to meet.  I will say that Sinclair now has tons of private interracial stuff of me with a lot of big black cocks!  Below are just a few of the photos from my recent adventures!  As you can see, I love BBC in my mouth, my pussy and my ass and I love sucking those big black balls too!
Interracial_Whore_Wife_07.jpg (90300 bytes) Interracial_Whore_Wife_06a.jpg (209463 bytes) Interracial_Whore_Wife_25.jpg (88269 bytes) Interracial_Whore_Wife_29.jpg (162571 bytes) Interracial_Whore_Wife_35.jpg (87925 bytes) Interracial_Whore_Wife_03.jpg (104521 bytes)
Eating Cum In me deep Sucking it Up my asshole A big one I love balls

Getting ready to take yet another black cock up my ass!

Why do I like balls so much?  Because I know the tasty treat inside them that awaits me!

  In other news we are thinking about re-building our shopping cart.  It amazes me that people currently have to go through the trouble of looking through all of our video titles (with no photos at this point) then watch the samples, then print out, fill out and snail mail an order form to us.  You fans are awesome and we do appreciate you.  Therefore Sinclair is thinking about re-building the shopping cart.  Our sales had dipped so low that it wasn't worth the money of the cart.  However sales have really picked up recently (and we have no idea why) so we may take the time and spend the money for the shopping cart.  It would make it a lot easier for you to find the types of videos that you want.  If you are interested in purchasing our DVD's and would like to see the shopping cart re-built please let us know by e-mailing Sinclair.  If there is enough interest in it we will do it! 

    Well I guess that's all for now.  Look for more other updates in the future and be sure to get in touch if you are ever in the New Orleans area.

                        Love, Kandi


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