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Camera Angles

A good missionary position.  A good Doggie style position.

Notice how in the photos above that both of the guys are leaning
over Kandi so that the camera can shoot from underneath.

Bad Doggie Style Position Bad Missionary position.

Now look at the two photos above.  Notice how the guy on the left has his arms in the way.   The only shot we have is directly from above because we can't get behind him and we can't see from the side either.  Notice the guy on the right is propping himself up so we can't see the penetration from the top, and because his legs were somewhat together the view was even worse from the back.

About the worse position possible is below!

    Notice that even though Kandi is spread very wide, the camera can't shoot from below because the guys legs are close together and the camera can't shoot from the top because the guy is leaning over her too much, but not enough that we can see from underneath.  Though this position may feel very good when fucking, you can see it does not show up well on video or photos... for all you know the guy isn't even in her.

Examples of Good Positions

    Notice in this DP scene the guy on the bottom has his legs straight out  but slightly spread so that you can see his entire dick and balls, while the guy on top is actually standing on his feet and squatting over the female.   The guy on the tops legs are actually outside of the guys legs on the bottom.


Notice that both of these anal sex positions are very good for the camera!


    Notice that in both of the photos above that the males left leg is actually over the females leg and hip.  This way the camera can see the action from below or from the side and top!

    We want you to have fun but keeping some of these camera angles in mind will insure a good video tape as well!  The main thing to keep in mind for camera angles is that we need to be able to see the penetration.   Keep your arms out of the way and either lean over on Kandi or lean way back so that we can see what you are doing! 

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